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Brand activation, Cocktail Parties, Conference, Day conference and social programme, Roundtables, Technical services

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London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Mexico

Advertising Week is the premier conference for marketing, advertising, brand, media and technology professionals. The schedule includes seminars by day and a special events programme. Over 35K delegates attend (both live and virtually) 250+ seminars, workshops and special events including a daily breakfast and lunch series and multiple special events every night. Absolute have been involved in the European event from the outset and the services have increased as the project has expanded.

This is a global series of Advertising Week events now take place in New York, Sydney, Mexico, Tokyo and more on the way!

AP LIVE and Advertising Week TImeline


Pre planning and onsite production including:

  • Production Director overseeing the logistics, staffing, vendors and all sponsors for the lifecycle of the project
  • Production team overseeing all sponsors, activations and venue logistics
  • Stage management team overseeing preproduction of approx. 250 individual session owners and managing each stage onsite
  • Technical Director; consultation and providing all technical equipment for the 8 stages and all event areas
  • Providing a technical team of 60 onsite, including a rigging team, lighting technicians, sound technicians, camera operators and floor managers
  • Sourcing, training and managing a team of 70 event support team including scanners, VIP room manager, activation staff, queue managers, registration staff and general directional staff
  • Sourcing, scheduling training and managing a team of approx. 90 volunteer staff to support all aspects of the event


Overseen by AP LIVE Production team but fulfilled by AAVS and Display Graphics, the activations are a true group effort to fulfil the individual partners, including providing scale drawings, visuals and installing onsite to each individual partner’s requirements.


All event branding is fulfilled within the group; large format printing is created throughout the venue including wayfinding, branding, stage banners etc.


The special event programme spans from Breakfasts at Ronnie Scott’s, Lunches at Fortnum & Mason and The National Gallery, and evening events in venues such as Kensington Palace, Lambeth Palace, Southwark Cathedral. AP LIVE support with sourcing and contracting venues, menu selection, production and invite management.


In 2022 we had to create a virtual studio set for Amazon Ads. We hired a studio and provided a full virtual studio service, including the technicians, kit and scenic. This was turned around within a 1 week deadline when Amazon advised last minute that their offices would not be available to broadcast from!


The group also supports the Advertising Week programme globally with all virtual streaming of the live events. This has become a new arm of the event since Covid-19 and now all events have become hybrid, streaming live content from the stages at the venues onto a virtual platform for virtual guests to enjoy. It also includes polling and Q&A managed by our production teams.


APG have worked as an extension of our team for 10 years and counting. Their mantra of "leave it with me" is a phrase we're most used to hearing and a solution is always provided. When the chips are down, they are as invested in our event as we are

Keith Weckstein, SVP Operations

The team are an intrinsic part of the success of Advertising Week. I trust tehm every day to get it right, and they just keep delivering. When I see them turn up, I know everything is gonna be great!

Matt Scheckner, Executive Director

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