Advertising Week, New York

Event Type:
Brand activation, Day conference and social programme

Client Sector:

New York, USA

Celebrates the Confluence of Culture, Commerce & Creativity.


Advertising Week New York is a destination for today’s visionaries, creatives and thinkers. It is the premier conference for marketing, advertising, brand, media and technology professionals. This year, AWNY has a new home in the historic Lower East Side of Manhattan: The Market Line, a brand-new venue located at 200 Broome St. The Lower East Side is the epicenter of NYC’s counterculture movement. It is the heart of New York’s art, culture and music scene, setting the tone for open-mindedness and inclusive thinking, perfect for bringing issues and ideas to the forefront.

Services Provided

AP LIVE provided pre event and onsite support for the event focussing on:

  • Checking all of the content and technical delivery of the event. Over 600 assets
    had to be checked on the 8 stages; each meticulously checked to
    ensure they would play out correctly onsite.


  • Creating a Run of Show for all the assets, interstitials and content to be
    played on the stages.
  • Onsite support included speaker management in the VIP speaker lounge,
    ensuring all partners were well looked after and felt comfortable and
    confident with their session. 800 speakers over the whole week meant this
    role kept us really busy!
  • Overseeing the show team which included show callers and graphics ops, to
    ensure they were comfortable with the show system and the content that
    was being shown per session. 300+ sessions throughout the week meant
    this was a huge amount of content to be managed and delivered.
  • Supporting Amazon Ads AW Studios team by providing a show caller and
    studio manager to manage the whole area. This is a live streamed stage that
    had celebrity host Dhomonique Murphy anchoring the stream of this
    station. Our show team had to manage the Run of Show pre-event and the
    smooth running of the broadcast onsite.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we faced over the week of events was overseeing the
content creation. Over 600 assets had to be properly checked
through to ensure they were perfect for the events, with a lot of the content not being submitted until the today of the session!

The fact that this event had over 800 speakers that the AP LIVE team were
overseeing and looking after for the week meant that we had our hands
full and were kept very busy.

AWNY was spaced out over 8 different stages, so this added to the
challenge. Each stage was set out differently, with different areas and
systems, which meant we had to be adaptable. We had to ensure all show
callers were comfortable with the show system and the content that was
being shown per session. With over 300+ sessions throughout the week,
this meant this was a huge amount of content to be managed and


The Results

AWNY was a huge success and they were delighted with the management
and the execution of all the elements planned.

Here at AP LIVE we pride ourselves on delivering first class results and
being dynamic to adapt to every event and venue we are faced with.

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