Reusable custom stands

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Custom exhibition stands can be designed and engineered for multiple events for a more cost effective & environmentally friendly solution.

Providing sustainable, reusable stands

Managing multiple events can be challenging for clients. Especially so when dealing with different sizes of pitch sites. These differences can arise due to event limitations, budget considerations, and the varying importance of each event. Such variations often lead to issues when it comes to maintaining continuity in brand and purpose.

To overcome these challenges and make the most of each event, whilst controlling the budget, it is essential to start planning as early as possible. During the initial design phase, we can guide you as we explore different site concepts. Our sister company Display Graphics can then engineer modular units and stand elements that can be reused across events. This approach extends to furniture and Audio Visual equipment, helping us be efficient in utilising the site and reducing marketing expenses and environmental impacts.

Adapting stand variations to suit specific event needs ensures that each opportunity is maximised. Even if products or themes change between events, we can easily modify graphics, lightboxes, and finishes without requiring major structural changes or new elements. Our capabilities go beyond exhibition stand structures; we can also provide in-house graphic solutions. Furthermore, through our parent company, Absolute Production Group,  offer IT, Audio Visual solutions, with compelling screen content.

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