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Thursday, August 31st, 2023

Lights, Camera, Logistics! Unravelling the Art of Hosting Corporate Events in New York

New York, New York – so good they named it twice!

Our stop-over this week embraces event spaces in New York. It’s a city of dynamic evolution, which traces its history from the indigenous Lenape settlements to a bustling 17th-century Dutch trading post called New Amsterdam. British colonial rule transformed it into a strategic port, leading to its capture and renaming as New York in 1664.

The city’s pivotal role in the American Revolutionary War, followed by waves of immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries, turned it into a diverse cultural melting pot. Becoming a global centre of commerce, finance, and culture, it weathered challenges like the Great Depression to high crime and emerged as a symbol of resilience.

Downtown, Midtown and Uptown

The history of New York’s Downtown, Midtown, and Uptown areas is a reflection of the city’s dynamic growth. Downtown, historically the heart of the city, encompasses the colonial origins of New Amsterdam, gradually transforming into a bustling financial and commercial hub with iconic landmarks like Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty.

Midtown emerged as the city’s epicentre of entertainment and commerce, defined by the iconic Times Square, the art deco grandeur of the Empire State Building, and the vibrant theatre district of Broadway.

Uptown, initially a suburban escape, evolved into a collection of diverse neighbourhoods, each with its own distinct character, from the cultural richness of Harlem to the refined elegance of the Upper East Side. Together, these districts form a tapestry that embodies New York’s enduring spirit of reinvention and urban vitality.

New York Today

It stands tall as a beacon of innovation, multiculturalism, and urban vibrancy. It’s no wonder that hosting corporate events in this bustling metropolis comes with a unique set of logistics.

From finding the perfect venue to understanding visa requirements and grant opportunities, event planners have their hands full when orchestrating successful corporate events. In this blog, we dive into event spaces in New York, exploring some noteworthy places, visa and staffing considerations, potential sources of financial support, and some hidden gems that add a touch of distinction.

New York’s Cuisine scene

In the realm of fine dining, New York City shines with an impressive constellation of Michelin-starred restaurants—last year’s guide featured a remarkable 72!

Notably, five of them proudly flaunt a prestigious trio of stars: Eleven Madison Park, situated in the Flatiron District, is celebrated for its innovative tasting menus and artistic flair; Le Bernardin in Midtown elevates seafood flavours with three Michelin stars through impeccable technique and elegant presentations; Per Se, nestled in Columbus Circle, presents a refined fusion of French-American cuisine alongside breath-taking Central Park vistas; Masa, a culinary gem at the Time Warner Centre, crafts an exquisite omakase journey featuring the pinnacle of Japanese ingredients; while Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare offers an intimate, kitchen-centric experience, all within a three-starred embrace. Alongside a rich tapestry of other exceptional eateries, these establishments exemplify New York’s culinary mastery.

Unveiling Unique Event Venues

When it comes to Global Venues, events in New York offers an astonishing array of options that can match any theme or occasion. Here are a few unique venues that stand out for us:

Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

As part of Advertising Week New York 2022, we utilised a fantastic venue – The Music Hall of Williamsburg. Nestled within Brooklyn, this concert venue and cocktail lounge boasts a capacity of 650 guests. Its three levels exhibit an industrial aesthetic that adds a unique and chic flair to any event. Whether you’re planning a corporate event,  TV/movie shoot, holiday party, meeting, or product launch, the Music Hall of Williamsburg is the perfect special event venue due to its versatility.

The Market Line, Lower East Side:

“In a city known for its infinite pathways—subways, bridges, roads, people, dreams—The Market Line exists as a CenterPoint.” The spaces, unused retail & office venues make unique event space. This is a prime example of one of the many empty places in Manhattan just waiting to be used for events. The year before it was Hudson Yards, with the iconic Vessel, currently temporarily closed this year. This extraordinary centrepiece of Hudson Yards is its spiral staircase, a soaring landmark. 

Tao Downtown Nightclub:

The ideal destination in 2022 for The Future Is Female Awards at the Advertising Week New York.

Wester Hall

Webster Hall underwent renovations to maintain its iconic features. The Ritz Lounge, formerly known as The Marlin Room, was remodelled to act as a bar and gathering space. The refined gold stencilling on the walls is a tribute to the original historical design, accompanied by fluted glass along the bar that resembles the venue’s old windows.

The High Line Hotel:

Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, The High Line Hotel combines vintage charm with modern amenities. It’s beautiful gardens and eclectic interiors provide an intimate setting for conferences and seminars.

The Glasshouses:

For breath-taking views of the Manhattan skyline, The Glasshouses in Chelsea and Hudson Yards are a popular choice. These minimalist, contemporary spaces are versatile and can be transformed to fit various event styles.

One World Observatory:

Elevate your event to new heights at the One World Observatory. Located at the top of the One World Trade Centre, this venue offers panoramic views of the city and a poignant connection to its history.

48 Wall Street:

A distinguished and remarkable event venue perfect for corporate meetings and private events. Situated in the heart of the Financial District, this historic building is a magnificent 1927 former bank. The Grand Mezzanine Banking Hall boasts jaw-dropping architectural details, including 30-foot ceilings, Palladian windows, and a grand marble staircase entrance.

The River Café Barge:

Floating gracefully under the Brooklyn Bridge, The River Café Barge offers a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Its intimate setting and stunning views provide a captivating backdrop for small-scale corporate events.


Spanning three stories and covering an expansive 15,000 square feet, 74Wythe provides an exceptional hospitality experience. From intimate gatherings to grand-scale events, this venue offers a versatile and memorable setting, blending modern elegance with the timeless charm of its historic heritage.

Visa Requirements for International Attendees

Hosting your event in New York often involves participants from around the world. For international attendees, navigating the U.S. visa process is crucial. The most common visa for attending business meetings or conferences is the B-1 visa. This allows individuals to temporarily visit the U.S. for business-related activities.

For more information on the visa waiver application, visit ESTA

It is essential to stay informed about any changes to visa policies and requirements. Utilising legal counsel or immigration experts can help ensure smooth entry for your international guests. For more information visit U.S Customs and Border Protection.


New York is served by three main international airports Newark, NJ (EWR), JFK (JFK)and LaGuadia (LGA). All are pretty much equal distances to get into the Manhattan area. Traffic depending but usually give an hour once outside customs and immigration via a cab. Public transport also readily available.

Grants and Financial Support

The cost of organising events can add up quickly, but there are potential sources of financial support available in New York. These can come in the form of grants, sponsorships, or partnerships. Some notable authorities that offer grants for events include:

NYC & Company Foundation

This non-profit organisation supports cultural and community-focused events in the city. They provide grants to events that promote tourism and enrich the city’s vibrancy.

New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA):

NYSCA offers grants for arts and cultural events. If your corporate event includes artistic or cultural elements, you might be eligible for funding.

Local Business Improvement Districts (BIDs):

These organisations often collaborate with event organisers to enhance the local area and stimulate economic growth. They might offer grants or logistical assistance for events that align with their goals.

Beyond New York: Noteworthy Event Spaces

While the New York Manhattan area is brimming with exceptional event spaces, sometimes venturing a bit beyond the city limits can yield unique options:

The Garrison (Garrison, NY):

Overlooking the Hudson River, this venue offers a picturesque setting for corporate retreats and outdoor events.

Oheka Castle (Huntington, NY):

For an opulent and grand ambiance, this historic castle on Long Island is an unparalleled choice for extravagant corporate galas.

Crystal Springs Resort (Hamburg, NJ):

If you’re looking for a blend of luxury and nature, this resort offers event spaces with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

The Foundry: (Long Island City, NY)

If you’re seeking an industrial yet elegant atmosphere, Long Island City’s The Foundry could be your match. With its exposed brick walls and vintage vibes, it’s a versatile canvas for crafting unforgettable corporate events.

Local Event Show Crews

It is important to remember that nearly all event show hosts in NYC operate within union boundaries. This is done for their protection, but it also means that event planners must pay close attention when providing event timings for quotes. Not adhering to union timetables can greatly impact the success of your event or result in added expenses. However, with proper preparation, realistic transparency and attention to detail, these challenges can be avoided.

Hosting events in New York is as thrilling as Broadway, yet it can be an intricate challenge. From choosing the perfect venue to navigating visa requirements and seeking financial support, event planners must adeptly navigate numerous hurdles. With a multitude of unique event spaces and potential grant opportunities, the possibilities are as vast as the city itself.

Let AP LIVE find the perfect venue for you

New York really is the city that never sleeps, and it’s no secret why it remains a top favourite amongst our for global destinations with our event production team.

We know this city well and are here to help bring your event vision to life.  From finding the perfect venue to managing the logistics and execution, we can provide unparalleled support every step of the way.

AP LIVE’s New York Event Partners

We are lucky to have built a robust network of fantastic New York City event partners, who we have worked with for over a decade. We work along side these trusted local partners to enable us to smoothly orchestrate perfect New York events.

Our expert, free global venue search service is just the beginning of what we offer. We are passionate to see your event’s success go above and beyond, so if we can help, even a little bit…we are here.

Let us help you take a really meaningful bite out of the Big Apple

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