Meet the Team – Carolyn Mason

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

Meet The Team - Carolyn Mason!

Carolyn is our Commercial Director and Head Producer here at AP LIVE.

Most likely phrase you will hear her say “Watch this Space”

Carolyn in a Nutshell…

When Carolyn was a child it was debatable what her vocation was in life would be; it was a toss up between being Wonder Woman or an Air Hostess!

Well the outcome was quite franky neither! Leaving school and during her degree in ‘Entertainment Industry Management’, Carolyn started her career backstage in the theatre; doing everything from dressing the performers to working the follow spot! Those crazy theatrical times saw her putting stockings and suspenders on Jason Donovan for the Rocky Horror Show to building massive temporary ice rinks for touring ice shows.

But her real calling was in Events and after she graduated, she ditched the theatre dressing for the more corporate world (Although wherever possible she loves to install a star cloth or two to get back to her roots!). Over the next 18 years (ouch that shows her age!) she has worked within event agencies, within world famous venues (such as Madame Tussauds, London Eye, London Dungeon etc) and even a stint ‘client side’, so she knows the event life from every side of the fence. From festivals to incentive travel, conferences to product launches; she’s been there and done that and still gets a thrill from being onsite seeing projects come to life.

Outside of work, although never fulfilling her childhood ambition as an air hostess, her love of all things travel has seen her backpacking around the world various times in her life (including for a 6-month honeymoon!) She loves visiting new places and experiencing different cultures.

Carolyn is most at home carrying her onsite clipboard, clocking up her onsite steps and being the event swan to the end.


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