Virtual Insanity

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

In the words of Jamiroquai, the AP LIVE Team have been in Virtual Insanity; meticulously planning and prepping for the largest virtual event of the year for Advertising Week 2020. Being tasked with keep the annual global conference alive during covid lockdown, AP LIVE jumped in to support Stillwell Partners with this inaugural virtual event. Planning a largescale virtual event for this long-standing client did not come without its challenges. Scheduling in over 250 ‘episodes’ (pre-recorded 30 minute sessions) onboarding over 1000 speakers (including some Hollywood names) ensuring internet connection was suitable and set up was polished. Guiding a team of LA Based editors through multiple edit changes and getting 1000’s of assets gathered from clients to build a complex run of show with interstitials, pre rolls and content…

Then on to the AW Studios live channel for the live event making sure that all guests ‘arrived’ virtually on time with no glitches. What a ride!

It involved an incredible team of virtual event pioneer pulling out all the stops to create engaging, action-packed agenda to keep viewers entertained including LOTS of celebrity content including Halle Berry, Jessie Ware, Paris Hilton, Jason Derulo, Kristen Bell, Trudie Styler, Jennifer Garner, Kevin Smith, Richard Curtis to name but a few of the amazing talent sharing their stories in 2020.

Live Events used to involve walking 35k steps a day, walking ourself into the ground… Virtual events now consist of being glued to a chair for 15 hours each day, holding on tight that each live speaker would successfully make it through their segments without internet issues etc… But the show must go on!

Looking forward to continuing to support the Advertising Week portfolio of global events be it virtual or hybrid but looking forward to live events when the world can gather together again.

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