Who you Gonna Call…Agency or A Fixed Term Alley?

Thursday, January 4th, 2024

With the New Year, comes a fresh perspective on the business growth initiatives from the last twelve months. It’s now time to start the ball rolling on the event planning that lies ahead.

An event can be held for many reasons such as, brand awareness, product launches, recognition awards, exhibitions, dinners to charity sport days and cocktail receptions. Large or small, they all require skilled planning to ensure both the objectives and investments return value.

However, not all businesses that face the need for events, are set up to give the dedicated time sufficient to deliver them in-house. And so, for the managers left to get the objectives delivered – it can be a daunting task. With limited resources and no dedicated event team, seeking the right external event support – within budget, becomes essential.

To make the task even harder, it’s common for the event’s budget to have already been set, well before realising that event support is crucial for its optimum success. This additional expense must therefore be assessed carefully to ensure its value proposition is cost effective. Here comes the dilemma

Do you employ a fixed term event specialist in-house or an event agency?

Firstly…Don’t limit your perspective!

Choosing between an event agency and an independent project manager/event manager on a fixed-term contract is a crucial decision. While both options have their merits, it’s important to acknowledge that budget constraints can sometimes limit the perspective.

Opting for an independent project manager may appear cost-effective, offering a straightforward approach to event management. However, this approach can be limiting, as it may not harness the full breadth of expertise required for a multifaceted event.

One significant risk associated with relying solely on an individual or two is the potential vulnerability to unforeseen issues like illness or unexpected absences. A single point of contact may not provide the same level of contingency planning as a team of specialists.

On the other hand, investing in an event agency, like AP LIVE Events brings a team of specialists with diverse skill sets and extensive experience to the table. This broader perspective allows for a more holistic and effective event execution. Moreover, with a team, there is a built-in support system that can cover for any unexpected situations, ensuring the event’s success even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

In essence, the true value of enlisting experts through an event agency as opposed to a one-person (or two) expert, often outweighs initial budget considerations, resulting in a smoother, more successful and memorable event – with less risk.

But we would be saying this wouldn’t we…

…well this is why!

Diverse Skill Set:

When weighing up the options for hiring an event agency or an individual, it’s obvious to recognise the significant advantage of a diverse skill set that an agency team can offer. Unlike a single individual who may possess a limited range of skills, (albeit there are a few who are all around event masters in their own right), an agency typically assembles a team of professionals with a wide variety of talents and backgrounds.

This diversity allows them to approach your event from multiple angles, ensuring that every aspect is expertly executed. This diversity provides untold value to both the event and its commercial objectives.

Absolute Production Group – Best Value

AP LIVE is part of the Absolute Production Group (APG), APG have Absolute AV Solutions, using the latest technology that not only delivers a first-class AV service for your event, but also has leading experts in the field (and on a global scale). The APG also has Display Graphics, a company whose expertise is event graphics, exhibition stands, custom designs are amongst the finest. These companies are on hand to AP LIVE to offer free advice to their clients or answer question with immediate responses. It also helps with coordination of the complex logistics that events often present, as well as offering, as a group, best value.

Experience and Expertise

AP LIVE have years of combined experience in planning and executing successful exhibitions and conferences. We have a deep understanding of the industry trends, best practices, potential pitfalls and first-hand working knowledge of a bank of global trusted suppliers. This experience translates into a higher likelihood of your event running smoothly and achieving its objectives. We strive to be industry leaders by keeping up to date with advancing technology, sustainability initiatives and accessibility and inclusion incentives on a daily basis.

On-Hand Support

One of the standout advantages of hiring AP LIVE is the availability of on-hand support. You get a dedicated Client Relations Manager and Event Manager – that you can rely on their meticulous support throughout the entire event planning and execution process. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical issues, addressing last-minute changes, or managing unexpected crises, we will provide immediate, as best practice, our inundated support and solution.

Efficiency and Scalability

We have the resources and scalability to efficiently manage events of all sizes and complexities. We can handle multiple aspects of your event simultaneously, ensuring that everything is coordinated seamlessly. Additionally, we can adapt to your specific needs, scaling up or down as required. From ticketing, delegate management, project managing the stage calling to hosting your VIPs to ensure their every need is catered for. No involvement is too small or too big to allow us to make your event a success.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, which can save you time and effort in sourcing multiple vendors. We not only provide event planning and coordination but offer a free global venue finder service too. No strings attached, so if you only need the assurance of sourcing the right venue for your needs, let us help you at least to find the perfect venue.

Reduced Risk and Accountability

When you hire a fixed-term contractor, the success of your event largely depends on that individual’s performance and capabilities. In contrast, we distribute responsibilities across a team, reducing the risk associated with relying on a single person. If one team member faces an unexpected issue, others can step in to ensure that the event proceeds without major disruptions. Additionally, we operate a robust system for budget control and expenditure accountability.

Reduced Risk with AP LIVE:

Opting for our support to handle your event expenditures offers a distinct advantage in terms of risk mitigation. When agency professionals use your corporate credit card, they are legally tied to their commercial entity, which typically includes liability insurance coverage. In contrast, relying on an individual who isn’t legally associated with a commercial entity can pose higher risks.

The presence of liability insurance within an agency’s framework provides an added layer of protection, ensuring that any unforeseen financial or contractual issues are adequately addressed. This can ultimately safeguard your corporate interests and financial security while minimising potential risks associated with event planning.

Testing Your Budget

Before putting together, the job description for a fixed-term Event Manager, why not approach us at the same time. Share with us your scope of work, reminiscent of the position and see for yourself how our figures compare with the salary you have on offer.

It may be an initial reaction of the belief that the most cost-effective way to find your event managing solution is to offer a position ‘in-house’, but for temporary contract, that reward will be competitive with the value an agency can produce.

Freelancers and agencies have built their bank of suppliers, so both could offer favourable rates for third party suppliers like catering, ticketing, stand designs etc. But again, we, as an agency, tend to be less restricted with a wider bank of support partners, purely because of the nature and volume of our work that requires global trusted partners, that have been tried and tested.

While hiring a fixed-term contract for one person to manage exhibitions or conferences is a valid option, it often falls short of the advantages offered by an event agency team like us.

Our diversity of skills, experience, on-hand support, and comprehensive services can significantly enhance the success of your events while ensuring budget control and expenditure accountability.

Ultimately, the decision for your event support needs to be commercially beneficial. We feel we can add so much value to your events – in efficiency, expertise, budget and delivery.

What have you got to lose?

Why not book a (strictly non-salesy) call with us, just to find out about the options you have. Discover how we can help you and how that can lead to a successful, efficient, and memorable event with the value your business objectives demand.

We would LOVE to be able to help support your event this year. So if you are in this dilemma and not sure who to call,  reach out to us – what have you got to lose?

Click here to book a call. and let’s start the New Year off with a burst of AP LIVE Event Magic!

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