Meet the Team – Helen Barkley

Thursday, December 7th, 2023

Introducing Helen Barkley, AP LIVE’s Account Director!

Helen joins us at an exciting time and brings with her heaps of experience and knowledge within the global event industry. Helen’s timely start, adds even more sparkle to our Christmas cheer and is a welcome and exciting addition ready for 2024 and beyond…

Phrase most likely to say:

‘How do we go bigger and better’ and ‘We will laugh about this one day’

Helen in a nutshell:

Helen has had extensive experience within the events industry both in house and agency side. During her career so far she has been fortunate to work on the full 360 of events from logistics and production through to design, marketing and business development which has added further value to her experience.

Helen loves to understand the inner workings of her clients objectives in order to ensure they are met whilst creating memorable moments.  

Helen’s passion lies within events and the feeling you get standing back at the end of an event knowing you have provided a moment for your clients and their attendees.

Typical day…

“My typical day starts with caffeine and a rare moment of peace and quiet before my children awake and mum duties kick in.

I absolutely love being a mum and working in events as both keep me on my toes and despite how meticulous and organised you are ultimately, no two days are the same which keeps life interesting.

The end of each day is usually spent watching the type of TV that doesn’t require any brain power and avoiding the biscuit tin!” 

What did I want to do when I was younger:

“Despite my enthusiasm for synchronised swimming I wanted to be an Architect, little me didn’t quite understand the 7 years of University that would have to come first and just how much that would cost…so here I am!


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