Meet the Team – Lucy Sommerville

Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

Introducing Lucy Sommerville, AP LIVE’s new Event Assistant!

Lucy is establishing herself within the events industry, where she has a long-term goal of experiencing as much experience, of the 360 event-planning world as possible.

Her career began from a Degree Alternative course in Event Planning, Management and Marketing Communications at The Event Academy, which lead on to a variety of opportunities. Lucy volunteered at a wide range of events from hometown half-marathons to The Brit Awards / LFW. Developing her skills even further by being involved in a whirlwind of tours and roadshows in the automotive sector.

Lucy’s passion for events and her dedication to every task has allowed her to make the most of every event she has attended, and within every position she has worked.

Lucy aims consistently high with every meticulous detail of each task given to her. Meaning her established high standards are going to be an amazing asset to AP LIVE!

Phrase most likely to say:

It’s a good day to have a great day!’ 

Lucy in a nutshell:

Lucy is a problem solver, whereby she believes no challenge can’t be solved and every opportunity must be embraced. Her passion and dedication to all events is at the core of how she works. By attempting to create the best experience for each individual, her style of planning and creation is constantly evolving – keeping up with the latest trends and staying very versatile.

Typical day…

‘A typical day for me begins with many people’s worst nightmare… an ice-bath and yoga! 

 I promise it does get more interesting, as I then get to spend my day doing everything event focused, which really does bring me the most joy. No two days working in events are the same, so there’s no routine within that; however, it does involve a lot of research, planning and many ad hoc tasks (oh and I can’t forget a whole lot of fun!) 

Finishing up my day, my evening is filled with gym, social activities and trying to remember to tell myself to have a rest…’ 

What did I want to do when I was younger:

‘My entire childhood revolved around performing, so a whole lot of dancing, singing and acting. After seeing Mamma Mia more times in West end than I could count on my two hands, that very quickly became young Lucy’s dream!’ 


To reach out to Lucy and the events team click here

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